Worldreligions compared (;-)

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Thu May 4 10:48:37 UTC 1995

>Dear Sir
>If you do not intend to offend anybody, why send such nonsens and such
>offending and tasteless jokes on a serious network such as this?
>I, for one find this distasteful and are seriously considering leaving the
>network. If our work as indologists and social scientists are to be kept at
>this level then I am not interested.
>Elizabeth Hole
>Ph.D. Student, Cultural and Religious Anthropology
>>Some time ago, I saw this excerpt from some magazine as a copy on a pinwall,
>>please enjoy (absolutely NO intend to flame anybody, anything or whatever..):
>>Taoism: Shit happens etc.

May I remind Ms Hole that this is not a moderated list. This means that
anybody can send *any* message to the list. In other words, we depend upon
the sense of responsibility of the list member. I my opinion, there is no
reason that some light relief should not pass our way. Personally, I don't
feel offended.

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