Summer Sanskrit at Michigan

Bill Gorvine wmg4c at
Wed Mar 29 14:39:03 UTC 1995

To colleages and friends with an interest in South Asia:

I am a second year grad student at the University of Virginia with a favor
to ask: I am trying to generate further awareness of, and interest in, the
University of Michigan's summer language course in elementary Sanskrit.

My personal interest in this stems from insoluble scheduling problems; up
to this point, I have been unable to begin Sanskrit language training -- a
very significant part of my program. I have applied for and been planning
to enroll in the course to be offered at Michigan, but the status of this
course is now in doubt due to limited enrollment.

Many of you have probably received some information on this program
somewhere along the line, and may have already made it available to others;
nevertheless, I wanted to let you know that the Michigan people have told
me it is still not too late for interested students to get information and
to apply. (The original deadline was March 1.) I would therefore like to
ask for your help in getting the word out in the appropriate places -- it
is the first time Michigan has tried to offer Sanskrit over the summer and
I think it's a good thing for all of us when programs like this can remain
in operation from year to year.

Interested students should contact the Center for South and Southeast Asian
Studies by phone (313) 764-0352 or e-mail csseas at for information
and application materials.

Thank you very much for your help.

Bill Gorvine
Dept. of Religious Studies
University of Virginia
wmg4c at


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