VOI message

Dominik Wujastyk dom at uclblr.iisc.ernet.in
Tue Mar 28 18:44:32 UTC 1995

Thank you, Daud, for your message.  You suggest that

> ... we, if there is some consensus, should respond to Voice
> of India that this venue is not for politics.  If we fail to do so, 
> then, well, we must admit that a very hot political topic has been 
> dropped in our midst, and then, I'm afraid, we will be forced to talk 
> about it.

My reaction to the VOI announcement has been "no comment".  In general,
announcements of new publications on this list are welcomed, as long as
the topic is within the announced remit of INDOLOGY.  This
announcement was, I think, rather too long, and also not particularly
within the scope of INDOLOGY.  (I think a lot of people take "Indology"
to mean "anything about India", not realizing that it is the name of a
long-established academic discipline.)  But as long as it remains just
an announcement, I don't think there is a problem.

If we all start banging on about the topic, then things will have gone

It is indeed a good idea, as Daud says, to send a message to VOI (*not*
to INDOLOGY) saying that the posting was unwelcome, or indeed that
although it was in an inappropriate forum, you liked it and would
privately like to hear more.  Please respond to VOI
(voi at stallion.jsums.edu.ncst.ernet.in, or voi at stallion.jsums.edu, I'm
not sure which), if you feel like it.


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