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Sat Mar 25 23:06:34 UTC 1995

In reply to my question,

> I am looking for the verse and chapter numbers of three verses
> apparently from the Padma Purana:
>         1)smartavya.h satata.m ...........
>         2)na pati.m kaamayet ka.mcid ..........
>         3)ittha.m manoratha.m baalaa ...........
> All three are quoted by Ruupa Gosvaami in his Bhaktirasaam.rtasindhu
> The last two (1.4.7 and 1.3.14 in B.R.S.)  deal with a girl called
> Candrakanti.

Paola Magnone said,

>1) Padma PuraaNa, UttarakhaNDa 71,100 (VeGkaTezvara):

 >  smarttavyaH satataM ViSNur vismartavyo na jaatu cit //
 >  sarve vidhiniSedhaaH syur etasyaiva vidhiMkaraaH //

>2) and 3) do not appear in the zlokaanukramaNii.

What to make of this?  I have heard that there is a separate
recension of the P.P. in Bengal.  Should I assume that
Ruupa is simply using a different MSS. line?  If the other
reading is more popular, why?  Is Ruupa's version a
special Vai.s.nava tradition?

P.S. even the first verse (smartavya.h....) is different in the
Bhakti-rasaam.rta-sindhu. The last pada reads "syur etayor
eva ki.mkaraa.h"

Adrian Burton, ANU.


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