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Sat Mar 25 02:05:52 UTC 1995

Respected Indologists,

I am looking for the verse and chapter numbers of three verses apparently
from the Padma Purana:

        1)smartavya.h satata.m ...........

        2)na pati.m kaamayet ka.mcid ..........

        3)ittha.m manoratha.m baalaa ...........

All three are quoted by Ruupa Gosvaami in his Bhaktirasaam.rtasindhu
The last two (1.4.7 and 1.3.14 in B.R.S.)  deal with a girl called Candrakanti.  Ruupa
Gosvaami says that the verses are from the Padma Purana, but our library version  of the P.P.
does not mention any Candrakanti in its index of names, nor have I found any reference
to her in any of our Paura.nica

Adrian Burton, ANU.


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