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Sat Mar 25 02:04:36 UTC 1995

On 19-MAR-1995 04:42:01.4 BUDDHA-L%ULKYVM.BITNET said to BAKULA

   > Several people have asked how to subscribe to the buddhist discussion
   > list. The listserv address is listserv at jpntuvm0.bitnet. Send the
   > message
   > sub buddhist Firstname Lastname
   > [In case your first name is something other than Firstname, you
   > may wish to substitute your own first name. The same applies mutatis
   > mutandis to your last name.]
   > Virtually yours,
   > Firstname Lastname
     Since I posted information on Pali CD, I have been getting a constant
flow of requests for above information. Well, have fun on "Buddha-L".
Sid Harth

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