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Mon Mar 20 18:56:45 UTC 1995

Dear colleagues,

The first meeting of a committee to begin planning the next World
Sanskrit Conference (i.e., the meeting of the International Association of
Sanskrit Studies, or IASS) will take place this Friday, 24th March, in
Bangalore. The principle organizer, Dr Shivamurthy Swamiji, has asked me
to conduct a poll on INDOLOGY to ascertain the most popular date for the
forthcoming meeting.

If you are thinking of coming to the next World Sanskrit Conference,
which is to be held in Bangalore, India, could you kindly send me the
week in 1997 which you think would be the best time for the meeting.
Please take account of such things as your teaching schedule,
term/semester breaks, etc.

At present, the very end of 1996, or the very beginning of 1997 are the
dates being thought about, following the model of the Melbourne meet.
But Dr Shivamurthy Swamiji said that things are still flexible, and you
should suggest any date in 1997 that you think would be good.

Any responses I receive before Friday would be especially useful, as
a summary can go before the first conference planning meeting.

Please send your responses to me directly as "dom at".
Do not "Reply" to the INDOLOGY list.

If the above address gives trouble (it shouldn't), try "d.wujastyk at".

flag it with the initials "IASS", like this:

  "IASS: I vote for week 37" (or whatever)

I.e., if possible, give your preference as a week number in 1997.

That will help me enormously to process your votes.

Many thanks,

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