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Mon Mar 20 08:56:23 UTC 1995

In the last mail A Burton said:
> re the tree with the root at the top, there is a similar verse in the Gita
> (15.1).  The commentators do not seem to make any reference to the special
> air roots of the an "ashvattha". Rather they seem to say that this is a 
> special tree with its roots higher thatn its branches. 
> (excuse the mistakes, I struggle with this uncorrectable Unix system)
> Shankara says that the root of this tree is the avyakta brahma which is 
> uurdhva because of its transcendance. The Madhava school interprets 
> uurdhva as The root is thus "above everything" and the branches 
> are said to be below or "inferior" (nik.r.s.tam) [i.e. the bhuutaani].
> 	I don't find any of the traditional commentators referring to air-roots.
> To the contrary they seem to be describing a special tree (vicitra-racanatvena
> according to Vallabha).
> Adrian Burton, ANU.
I think you should post this to the indology list. You sent it to 
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