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     I think following self-explanatory post is a pertinent topic for
     discussion, comments, ideas, roles to be played by notable
     sanskritists, contributions to be made by institutions, etc.

   > Pali CD.
   > I received my copy of the Pali CD yesterday, and have spent some hours
   > browsing through it. It looks good, very good indeed!
   > All the Tipitaka (45 vols) is included, and the entire Atthakatha,
   > also including Visuddhimagga with commentary, Abhidhammatthasangaha
   > and a few other minor works.
   > The text is in romanized Pali. Search-possibilities are very good: You
   > can search for a word or a phrase - and that search is quite fast
   > even om my double-speed drive (probably even faster on a four-speed
   > drive). Wildcards can be used, although that takes some more time. You
   > can also open any book on any page or any chapter, and leaf through
   > the pages.
   > The screen can be split, so that you can have the Tipitaka in one
   > window and the commentary in the other window, and you can link the
   > search so that you find a certain word in the Tipitaka in one window,
   > and the commentary to that same word in the other window.
   > The group of enthusiasts at the Mahidol University in Bangkok who have
   > created this software, really deserve our gratitude for their work!
   > (When will someone publish a similar CD containing the Sanskrit
   > sutras?)
   > Kaare Lie
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