samava at ya in Vaic at es@ika

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Sat Mar 18 23:20:39 UTC 1995

I am currently looking for a copy of G. Patti's
"Der Samava at ya im Nya at ya-Vaic@es at ika". Rome 1955. None of the
libraries I know of has it. Could somebody help out?

Also, if anybody knows any more recent literature especially
on the ontological relevance of the samava at ya in early
Vaic at es@ika, references would be highly appreciated. I just
came across the following passage in Wilhelm Halbfass'
"On Being and What There Is", and I am pondering over
its accurateness and relevance with reference to the
asatka at ryava@da: "At any rate, classical Vaic at es@ika considers
samava at ya as a principle that is supposed to account for the cooccurrence
and coalescence of different and ontologically distinct world
constituents within concrete things. In a sense, it restores the
unity and concreteness of things after their categorical decomposition."
Following this line of thought, whether a cause is inherent or not is
utterly irrelevent, when its non-existence in the effect is stated.
It would also mean that, for inherent causes & effects, that they
are "ontologically distinct", although somehow co-existent. This
could explain why none of the three commentaries (vr at tti, upa at skara and
Thakur's anonymous c.) mention the differentiation between
inherent and non-inherent causes while commenting upon VS 9.1.1ff.,
where the asatka at ryava@da is explained.

Confusion, as usual,

Birgit Kellner
Institute for Indian Philosophy
University of Hiroshima


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