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>Vikram Seth is a modern Indian novelist and poet.  I have been reading his
>works out of an interest in the Asian novel and the anglophone Indian novel. 
>Currently I am working my way slowly and with great delight through _A
>Suitable Boy_. But there are many linguistic references and political
>references I do not quite understand. Is there anybody on this list who
>would be willing to answer a few of my tiny, nit-picky questions--- such as
>the names of holidays and little details of Indian politics. I am
>considering using this novel in a course on the novel and would like to
>understand it thoroughly.
>Please respond to my personal mailbox rkornman at
>Robin Kornman 

I haven't read Seth, but I'll be happy to help you if I can.

Debashish Banerji


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Members of the list,
I have a question regarding the word "nyagrodha",
which occurs in the Chandogya Up.
According to Monier-Williams it can be both
a banyan tree (which would agree with the description
of growing downwards) and a fig tree. 
I am not aware of any fig trees that grow downwards.
Any suggestions?


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