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To the list of sources for fonts of Indic scripts that Fran Pritchett put
together, the following should be added:

ITR [=  Indian Typographical Research]Graphic Systems Pvt. Ltd. 
Hari-Vitthal Chambers, 64 Budhwar Peth, Ganapati Chowk, Laxmi Rd., Pune 411
002. This is the registered office address and, I suppose, also the address
for correspondence. The place for inquiries in person seems to be: Above
Shakti Sports, opposite Badshahi Restaurant, Tilak Rd., Pune 411 030.  Mr.
Mukund Gokhale, Art Director of ITR, showed me truly varied and beautiful
fonts for several Indian scripts which work on both Macintosh and IBM
models and are sold customized with a keyboard arrangement of the
purchaser's choice.  There are various packages available, which are not
inexpensive, but then you must bear in mind that you are getting a  product
prepared by professionals who have to make their living on selling it. 
Some idea of the fonts smorgosboard can be had from the following names:
Natraj, Yogesh, Shridhar, Chandan, Rambo,  Mouj,  Mogra, Radhika, Roma,
Shweta, Amber, Kalidas, Manik, Rudra, Cakra, Javahar, Tulsi,Gandhari,
Seeta, Stone, Mudra, Thunder, Fancy ...  Hari (the last was the latest one
I saw in December 1994 and was one of the most simple and beautiful Nagari
fonts I have so far seen). 

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