WWW South Asia sites?

Dominik Wujastyk dom at uclblr.iisc.ernet.in
Thu Mar 16 12:26:58 UTC 1995

Further to Sid Harth's useful collection of S. Asia network resources,
people sometimes forget that INDOLOGY has an associated Gopher too, now
a year old.  It can be reached from the Columbia SAG, or directly as
described below.

Gopher access
If your computer has a full Internet connection, and you have the Gopher
software, you can now access INDOLOGY using Gopher.

In May 1994 the University of Liverpool Computing Services announced the
availability of a gopher server which offers some Indology resources and
indexed archives of the indology mailing list. The gopher address is:


(using the default port 70)

If you are using a WWW client, the URL is


The root menu looks like this [actual appearance will depend on your
gopher client]:

                  Internet Gopher Information Client 2.0 pl11
                      Root gopher server: gopher.liv.ac.uk
      1.  Computing Services Gopher, University of Liverpool
      2.  Latest Gopher News [17th May 94]
      3.  Index of These Gopher Menus  <?>
      4.  University of Liverpool/
      5.  Academic Resources (International)/
      6.  UK Services/
      7.  Other Gopher Servers/
      8.  Philosophy Resources/
      9.  Indology and Asian Studies Resources/
      10. Networking Information/
      11. Software Vendor Information/
      12. International Services/
      13. University of Liverpool Mailing Lists/

Item 9 contains a pointer to the mail archives for INDOLOGY. This
permits keyword searching of all past INDOLOGY messages.  These
can also be accessed via item 13 . The ``resources'' referred to under
item 9 are a collection of local material and pointers to other gophers,
including the South Asia Gopher at Columbia, and World Wide Web servers.

If you have any technical issues or problems with accessing the Gopher,
please raise them with the system operator, Alan Thew
(gopher at liv.ac.uk) and not the INDOLOGY list.



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