WWW South Asia sites?

Sid Harth BAKULA at delphi.com
Mon Mar 13 09:25:57 UTC 1995

On 12-MAR-1995 22:16:41.6 bhagavam said to BAKULA
   > Just thought you should know that the actual Web site was deleted from
   > your posting. Thanks for the...ummm...introduction? Glad to see people
   > with a sense of humor...
     Sorry, Bhagavan. Your sight blinded me. Here we go again:

     Then Asim Mughal e-mail:mughal at caltech.edu on soc.culture.pakistan
Pakistan at Asuacad.bitnet
     Then Munir M. Pervaiz e-mail:mmunir at inforamp.net on
soc.culture.pakistan said:
     Then Amjad Farooq Alvi e-mail: amjad at brains.singnet.com.sg on
soc.culture.pakistan said:
http://singnet.com sg/~brains
     Then Sandeep Singh Bajwa on soc.culture.punjab said:

Sid Harth

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