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Thu Mar 16 04:14:48 UTC 1995

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Peter Claus wrote:

> I agree, many of us on the list are interested in India, and Indology
> as the study of a living and dynamic civilization and nation. 
> What may seem "political" to some may be at the heart of the matter for others. 
> I don't think we need censorship.  Such attempts always bring more
> unnecesary mail in the form of comment than does the original (to some)
> offensive message.  It is easier to not read than to try to become
> information manager for the rest of us.

Thank you Peter for understanding the motivation for the note. Any event 
that has the potential of interrupting the travel for students of 
indology is a valid subject matter for the list. When a xenophobic and 
terrorist group comes into power in a country which is the subject 
matter of the scholarly studies it is definitely a matter of concern. Do 
not tell me that the rampant terrorism in Egypt that has already taken a toll 
of several Egyptologists is not a matter of concern to other 
Egyptologists. When Combodia is under Pot Pol regime every scholar was 
concerned. When Nazis or Bolsheviks destroyed temples or churches, it was 
a matter of scholarly concern as well. 
I do not care for political parties and was not concerned when BJP came 
to power is many states but if a party comes into power and decides to 
destroy Taj Mahal because it was built by a king belonging to a different 
religion, the whole world would be worried.

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