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Tue Mar 14 14:32:38 UTC 1995

After living in Bombay during the riots of '92-'93, I am not pleased 
about the elections either.  I have my own ancedotes of that time that 
are not for this group.  I must take issue on the tone of this post. 
Titling it "scary news" does not help India.  The emotional wording 
provoke typical Western reactions about India.  Certainly there are 
consequences to be considered but indologists represent India to the rest 
of the world and, like it or not, are ambassadors or diplomats of a 
sort.  It would be prudent to take this responsibility with wisdom.

On Tue, 14 Mar 1995, Aditya, The Hindu Skeptic wrote:

> I have learned that a very fanatic Hindu party named Shiv Sena has come to 
> power in the State of Maharastra in India. This is very important state 
> with capitol in Bombay. It is alleged that Shiv Sena was responsible for 
> many atrocities not only against Muslims but also against Hindus from 
> other states. The situation is parallel to that in Algeria but only 
> difference is that it is in one part of India and not whole of India.
> Let us keep our fingers crossed and see the developments.
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          Re: Lotuses or waterlilies and when they bloom 
          Someone, I believe it was Dominnik, asked if there were any truth 
          to  the  Indian poetic fancy  that certain lotuses or waterlilies 
          bloom when the moon rises.  I called up Lilypons Acquatic Gardens 
          in  Maryland,  one  of  the  largest waterlily nurseries  in  the 
          country, and  they said they  had never heard  of  such  a thing, 
          though of course there are plenty of them that bloom at night.  I 
          have also  read  a couple of  books  on  water gardening and  the 
          catalogs of five or  six other suppliers and none of them mention 
          anything like it.   I there were anything to  it,  they would use 
          the romantic charm of  the idea to sell the plants.  I  also have 
          never heard  of  any other nocturnal flowering plant  that  opens 
          only with the moon. 
          Allen Thrasher                                                    

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