Meicho Fukyu kai

弥永信美 GGA03414 at
Fri Jul 28 11:48:00 UTC 1995

Some people on this list were searching for the address of Meicho 
fukyuu kai, a Japanese publishing house in Tokyo.  I could find it in 
the telephone directory of Tokyo -- I phoned them and asked about the 
compact edition of Monier Williams' Sanskrit English dictionary.  
Unfortunately, they said that this book is out of print since some 
time (pretty long time, it seems...).  I phoned to a secondhand 
bookstore specialized in Buddhist studies, but they said that they 
have not this book and seemed to have never seen it...
Anyway, here is the address of Meicho fukyuu kai:
Meicho Fukyu-kai
Taira-cho 1-16-6
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152, Japan
Telephone: (Japan) 03-3724-8031 or 03-3724-8030
(They have other valuable indological books, I think...).
And here is the address of the secondhand bookstore I phoned (this is 
one of the biggest secondhand bookstores specialized in Buddhological 
studies in Tokyo; but they have only few books in European languages):

Kobayashi shobo
Kanda Jinbo-cho 2-12
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101, Japan
Telephone (Japan) 03-3263-0776
Fax (Japan) 03-3239-8036

Best wishes
Nobumi Iyanaga

Dear Jim Hartzell,
Thank you for your letter.  This is the reply -- I'm sorry for the 
fact that the book is out of print...

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