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We are pleased to announce that the Xth World Sanskrit Conference will
be held in Bangalore, India, from 3 to 9 January 1997.  this will be the
third World Sanskrit Conference to be held in India  (New Delhi, 1972
and Varanasi, 1981) and will commemorate the Silver Jubilee Year of the
International Association for Sanskrit Studies (IASS).


The Xth World Sanskrit Conference will be held in the Taralabalu Kendra,
Bangalore, India. The Kendra has a modern research facility designed to
promote Indian cultural education. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka,
is hailed as India's `garden city.'  The climate during the month of
January will be particularly pleasant, making it an ideal time to visit.

Subject Areas
We solicit papers on the following subject areas:

1.	Sanskrit and Regional Languages
2.      Vyakarana and Linguistics
3.	Modern Sanskrit Literature
4.	Sanskrit and Computers
5.      Veda and Vedangas
6.      Epics and Puranas
7.      Agamas and Tantras
8.	Religion and Philosophy
9.	Architecture, Fine Arts, and Aesthetics
10.	Classical Sanskrit Literature
11.	Scientific Sanskrit Literature
12.     Dharma Sastra and Artha Sastra
13.	Manuscripts and Historical Documents
14.	Sanskrit and the Environment.


We invite you to submit titles for papers using the enclosed response
form.  We request that you submit a draft of the paper (minimum 5 pages)
by 15th May 1996 along with a bibliography and a 300-word abstract.
Should your paper be accepted, we will print this abstract in the
conference catalogue.  The final paper should be submitted to the panel
of chairpersons upon arrival at the conference.

Registration Fees

1.	Pre-registration fee
	(due on or before 31 July 1996):

	a.	For those whose emoluments are more than Rs. 15,000/month		Rs.400

	b.	For those whose emoluments are more than Rs. 15,000/month		US $100

        c.      For students and scholars superannuated from service 50%
                concession on the above. (Please note: only 75% of the
                registration fee will be refunded in the event of

2.	Regular registration fee (after July 1996):

        For those in category `a'       Rs. 450
        For those in category `b'       US $125

Organizing Committee

Hon President:	Dr. Shivamurthy Swamy
				Sirigere, Karnataka, India

President:		Sri H.D. Devegowda,
				Chief Minister of Karnataka, India

Secretary:		Prof. S. Settar
				Dharwar, Karnataka, India

Chief Secretary,	Govt of Karnataka, Bangalore
Vice Chancellor,	Bangalore University, Karnataka
Vice Chancellor,	Mysore University, Karnataka
Vice Chancellor,	Karnataka University, Karnataka
Vice Chancellor,	Mangalore University, Karnataka
Vice Chancellor,	Kuvempu University, Karnataka
Vice Chancellor,	Gulbarga University, Karnataka
Vice Chancellor,	Kannada University, Karnataka
Vice Chancellor,	Agricultural University, Bangalore
Vice Chancellor,	Agricultural University, Dharwar
Prof K. Krishnamurthy, Mysore
Prof K.T. Pandurangi, Bangalore


President:		Prof. R.K. Sharma, India
Gen. Secretary:	Prof. S. Lienhard, Sweden
Treasurer:		Prof. Colette Caillat, France

Regional Directors:
Prof. Oscar Botto, Italy
Prof. T.Y. Elizarenkova, Russia
Prof. Minoru Hara, Japan
Prof. Stanley Insler, USA
Prof. Juan Miguel De Mora, Mexico
Prof. Albrecht Wezler, Germany

Consultative Committee:
Prof A. N. Aklujkar, Canada
Prof. Greg Bailey, Australia
Prof. Sh Bira, Mongolian Peoples Republic
Prof Dr Chr M Byrski, Poland
Prof Carlos Alberto da Fonseca, Brazil
Prof . J. C. Heesterman, Netherlands
Dr Jauk-Pinnak, Yogoslavia
Prof. Bernhaerd Koelver, Germany
Prof. Lokesh Chandra, India
Prof. Gerhard Oberhammer, Austria
Dr Mahesh Raj Pant, Nepal
Prof. Asko Parpola, Finland
Dr Vijay Rajopadhyay, India
Prof. T. S. Rukmani, South Africa
Prof G. Wojtilla, Hungary
Prof. Huang Xin-Chauan, China

Note: Please return the enclosed `Response Form' to this address without
fail, which will greatly help us in the preparations for the conference.

Xth World Sanskrit Conference
3rd Main, 2nd Block, RT Nagar
BANGALORE - 560 032, [India]
Tel:	 +91-(0)80-3430017
Fax: +91-(0)80-3334541



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