Fonts and IASS CS codes

John Dunne jdunne at
Fri Jul 14 14:56:35 UTC 1995

As is perhaps the case with many of you, my initial choice of a 
transliteration scheme is quite haphazard.  Currently, I use 
Linguist's Software's `TransRoman' TT fonts, which are designed to 
transliterate a number of languages. I have found that the only practical 
way to use these fonts is to write macros in Word6 (windows version) that 
use keystrokes such as Ctrl-A to switch from Times New Roman to 
TransRoman, type the desired symbol, and then switch back to Times New 
Roman. This only works because the typefaces of the two fonts are 
indistinguishable when single letters are being inserted.

The major problem with my system is that it is not easily transferred to 
other systems. Hence, I am now seeking fonts that follow the 
International Association of Sanskrit Studies conventions for the 
computer-transliteration of Classical Sanskrit (IASS CS).  This standard 
assigns particular ASCII codes to the characters necessary for the 
transliteration of Sanskrit.

Although I have probably missed some recent messages that discuss fonts 
for transliteration, I have not noticed much reference to the IASS CS 
standard. If I have missed a font package that does follow this standard, 
or if anyone knows of such a font package, I would greatly appreciate 
further information.

I should add that the only such package that I have encountered is 
inadequate because the screen-fonts are difficult to read.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

John Dunne
Study of Religion
Harvard University

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