tom coburn's query on email in India

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Fri Jul 14 12:43:23 UTC 1995

#From indology-request at Wed Jul 12 20:32 PDT 1995
#Subject: re: tom coburn's query on email in India
#not aware of any in Mussorie.  It may be possible to go
#to an educational institution, identify the relevant authorized
#person (this may be the hardest part), get on to his/her
#email account, and telnet from there.
Since most users on accounts at educational institutions are prohibitted
from letting others use their accounts this is NOT an advisable
practise (unless consent of the institution is also obtained). I realize
this is practised all the time in all countries, but it is liable to get
someone in trouble and jeopardize the situation for other researchers. I
would advize approaching the approriate authorities directly (perhaps
bringing your colleague as a reference) and paying (if required) as a
guest user.

Peter J. Claus
Dept. of Anthropology, California State University Hayward, CA   94542


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