tom coburn's query on email in India

Thu Jul 13 03:15:02 UTC 1995

With reference to Tom Coburn's query on email in and from India,
a useful source is the South Asia Gopher itself.  There is a
listing of ERNET sites in India provided and I believe that there
must be about 3 scores in Delhi and a couple in Jaipur - I am
not aware of any in Mussorie.  It may be possible to go
to an educational institution, identify the relevant authorized
person (this may be the hardest part), get on to his/her
email account, and telnet from there.

When I was in Madras last December, I noticed some private
commercial businesses that allowed you to get on to an ERNET
account and connect all over from there.  These seemed to be
electronic version of establishments such as "Mail Boxes, ETC." (For
those who are not familiar, this a private commercial enterprise
that lets you have mail box and allows you access to facilities
such as UPS, etc.)  I never got to use one of these in Madras
but some others on the list may have done so.

Baruch College - CUNY

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