TrueType fonts in Computer Sanskrit encoding

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Thu Jul 13 12:51:12 UTC 1995

The Bitstream Charter font, a nice clear font generously made available
ree of charge by the Bistream Corporation, has long been avaiable
from INDOLOGY in a PostScript version.

Since many people have Windows, but not Adobe Type Manager, I have long
been meaning to make a TTF version of this font available.  I have now
done this.

The PS version has also been renamed to make things clearer.  See the

The files can be found at the gopher site:
under /Anonymous FTP area/users/ucgadkw/indology


by anonymous ftp from

The TTF font is very usable for typing Sanskrit words in, say, Microsoft
Word for Windows 6.0.  You will probably want to set up your own
keyboard macros to make typing comfortable.



PS To do: - extend the encoding from CS to full CSX;
          - add a Bitstream Charter font with AdobeStandardEncoding so
            that people can type a wider range of European accented
            letters in the same typeface;
          - do all the above also for Utopia, Adobe's free offering;
          - revise and update the CSX encoding :-(


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