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>My question is whether 
>there is in fact a formal gabbhaparihaara ceremony? If so, what is 
>the Hindu/Sanskrit equivalent? Any additional references to such a 
>ritual would be appreciated.>


I hope this will be of some help.

The Hindu equivalent could be garbhadhana, "womb-placing".  This is 
the rite of conception, where physical union is consecrated with the intent
of bringing into physical birth an advanced soul.  The numerous samskaras 
are outlined in the Grihya Sastras.

Here is one reference from a modern source:


Sloka 94

The essential child-bearing samskaras are the garbhadhana, 
rite of conception; the punsavana, third-month
blessing; the sirmantonnaya, hair parting ceremony; and
the jatakarma, welcoming the new-born child.


Conception, pregnancy's crucial stages and birth itself
are all sanctified through sacred ceremonies performed
privately by the husband.  In the rite of conception, 
garbhadhana, physical union is consecrated through prayer,
mantra and invocation with the conscious purpose of
bringing a high soul into physical birth."

There is more I omitted.  This material is from
pages 275, and 806, of "Dancing with Siva".



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