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kalyans at ix.netcom.com kalyans at ix.netcom.com
Tue Jul 4 13:58:43 UTC 1995

Enrica Garzilli;

Re: the price of the material.

1. Correspondence course, Bangalore: Fees; Rupees 100 
(one hundred only) for each part plus postal charges. 
Audio cassettes are also available at a reasonable 

2. The cost of the album of cassettes from Mr. R. 
Sundaracharlu, Madras is approximately Rupees 1,500 
(one thousand five hundred only; I assume that the 
postal charges will be extra). Mr. Sundaracharlu and 
his wife have devoted quite a bit of time in the 
preparation, which has received a very good review 
from Sanskrit scholars in Madras.

Best wishes. Dr. Kalyanaraman.

PS. 1 USD = 31.3 Indian rupees.

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