Conference on Buddhism and Human Rights

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1-14th October 1995

Sponsored by The Journal of Buddhist Ethics

In view of the many expressions of interest received the editors of the
Journal of Buddhist Ethics are pleased
to announce that the proposed conference is now ON and will take place
between the above dates.

Please note that as the medium of the conference will be email, there is no
need to be CONTINUOUSLY available between these dates, although it would be
desirable to have regular access to a terminal for the duration of the

1) Conference Papers

Papers will be published electronically in a special edition of the JBE in
advance of the conference. Plain text (ASCII) and hypertext  (HTML for the
World Wide Web) versions of the papers will be available. It is hoped that
the proceedings of the conference will subsequently be published in book
form. The subject matter of the papers may be of a social, political, or
philosophical nature and deal with contemporary or historical themes in the
general field of Buddhism and Human Rights. Papers should be around 5,000
words in length and must be received by August 31st 1995. Please contact the
editors if you would like to discuss a proposal for a paper.

2) Conference Panel

The function of a panelist is to comment on the papers presented and
participate in general discussion about Buddhism and human rights. Panelists
may be academics, politicians, representatives of human rights
organizations, or individuals (lay or clergy) who have knowledge or
experience of human-rights problems and abuses in Buddhist cultures. Please
notify the editors if you would like to participate as a panel member.

3) Conference Members

The conference will be a public one on the list JBE-L and anyone is welcome
to "attend" free of charge. To attend the conference you subscribe to the
list, and you may unsubscribe when the conference ends. Comments can be
made, and questions put to the authors of the papers and to the panel. All
comments from the "floor" will be moderated. You can subscribe from this
time onwards by sending an email message as follows:

SUB JBE-L (Your name here)

Subscribers to the list will be kept up to date with new developments.

Note: If you have already notified us of your interest there is no need to
do so again. Everyone who replied to our original enquiry will shortly receive a
personal mailing.

Enquiries about the conference, panels, and papers should be sent to
jbe-ed at

The Editors
Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Damien Keown
Department of Historical & Cultural Studies
Univerity of London, Goldsmiths
London SE14 6NW
d.keown at
voice: [44] 0171 919 7171
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