An alternative history of IE languages and the AIT.

J.B. Sharma JSHARMA at Hermes.GC.PeachNet.EDU
Sat Feb 25 10:36:34 UTC 1995

Sid Harth wrote :

Sharma is, in fact, trying to reinvent the wheel.

 I am flattered that my note moved Sid to poetic vein. I do wish to 
state that there is no invention in my note. It is submitted to the 
list in the spirit of a question; The intent is to solicit 
information such that I can make up my own mind. I really have no 
qualification to make historical claims as I am not a formal 
historian. This is the best place in the world to come to seek 
informed opinions on ancient India. The historical insights which are 
closest to the truth are defensible by shaasthraarth and incisive 
reasoning and not by impugning the motives of other debators. Debates 
settled in this manner are dealt with once and for all. Besides it is 
the constant questioning wich keeps historical models healthy after 
 My note therefore is more about the process of historical science 
and debate. For historical substance I respectfully look to the 
J.B. Sharma 


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