Symposium on Indian Religions

Robin Kornman rkornman at pucc.Princeton.EDU
Wed Feb 22 04:47:37 UTC 1995

This letter is mysterious. Wha the heck is the Symposium on Indian
Religions? Where is it?  I mean, which country and province? What happens
there? If everybody else but me knows the answer to these questions, just
leave me in my ignorance. Robin Kornman rkornman at

>Julia Leslie recently posted information about the forthcoming Twentieth
Symposium on
>Indian Religions and asked that someone should supply the name of the convener.
>is in fact Dr Peter Connolly (West Sussex Inst. of Higher Education).  
>bookings should be made to Christopher Aslett, Chester College of Higher
>Cheyney Road, Chester CH1 4BJ.   I have returned my own booking form, so I
>give details of cost of accommodaton and/or meals, but I do remember that the
>registration fee is #15 (#7.50 for students).
>John Brockington


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