ascii encoding for Vedic?

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Fri Feb 17 13:15:20 UTC 1995

Dear indologists,

this is a questions for those who have some experience with Vedic Sanskrit.

I use ascii chart partly compatible with CSX encoding, but I want to be able
to write (about) words from Vedic and I think that CSX does not provide all
the accentuated letters (may be I remember wrong). I want to have all
necessary accentuted letters in my ascii which however combines so many
different letters that I do not want to add anything unnecessary.

So, please if you know which of the following letters do not occur in Vedic
at all, let me know (my address is below).
e,u,i and long i,u,r  with (independent) svarita?

Thanks for pointing out those which do not occur
Jakub Cejka
cejka at

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