Symposium on Indian Religion

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Tue Feb 14 21:58:33 UTC 1995

For information:

The Twentieth Symposium on Indian Religions
-- henceforth to be called the Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions
-- 31st March - 2 April 1995
-- The Cherwell Centre, 16 Norham Gardens, Oxford

Papers will include:
Karel Werner: The philosophy of religion from the perspective of Indian
Ninian Smart: Hinduism as an offshoot of Buddhism
David Bastow: Time and Sarvastivadins
Julius Lipner: Ancient Banyan: An inquiry into the nature of Hinduness
Jackie Hirst: Images of Sankara: Interpreting the other
Christopher Aslett: Images of the feminine in Indian Art
Lynn Thomas: Women in the Mahabharata
John Hinnells: An Indian MP: Bhownagree (1895-1905), Politician and

The programme I have to hand does not include the name of the
convenor. Can anyone on the list add this vital piece of information?!

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