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                                                        February 11, 1995

To: Colleagues in South Asian Studies

From: David G. White, Director, University of Virginia
Semester-in-India Program

Dear Colleague,

     In the course of the next two weeks, we will be sending many
of you a poster advertising the Semester-in-India Program that
the University of Virginia will initiate in Jodhpur in
August-December of this year (1995).  The program will be open to
all third- and fourth-year students currently enrolled in
American universities.  Fifteen students will be admitted to the
program, at a program cost of $3500 per student (which includes
round trip travel from Washington D.C. to Jodhpur, all tuition,
fees, and tutoring expenses, full room and board, and a living
and travel allowance).  Students on the program will receive 8-10
hours per week of  Hindi-language instruction, and 3 hours per
week of instruction in Rajasthani culture and civilization. 
Courses will be taught by Indian faculty and staff, at the
Program site and possibly at the University of Jodhpur (this is
presently being negotiated).  In addition, students will carry
out independent research projects on topics of their choice,
under the guidance of Indian research staff.  Students may earn a
total of 15 credits for this program of study.
     We are very excited about this Program, which will be housed
in a 4000 square foot area of the massive Fort of Jodhpur, in two
wings constructed in the 1940s by the former Maharaja to house
guests at his wedding to a princess of Baroda.  The two wings are
in excellent condition, with full electric and plumbing
facilities in place.  They are located at the highest point in
the Fort, and offer breathtaking views of the old city and the
desert beyond.
     Because we were unable to conclude our negotiations with the
administration of the Fort Trust, the University of Jodhpur, etc.
until last month, it was impossible for us to announce this
program prior to the present time.  The deadline for the
submission of applications is May 1, 1995.  We therefore urge you
to announce our program to your students as soon as possible. 
Application materials and an information booklet will be sent
upon request.  To order such materials, please call the Center
for South Asian Studies at (804) 924-8815 or e-mail me at
dgw6b at uva.pcmail.Virginia.edu.
     Thank your for your kind attention.

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