aayurvedaca kaas~miiras~aivaca

Leslaw Borowski TANTRAPL at ramzes.umcs.lublin.pl
Tue Feb 14 02:28:09 UTC 1995

Dominik Wujastyk wrote to me he didn't think there were many links 
between kaas~miiras~aiva and aayurveda with the exception of 
mantracikitsa and rases~vara. I expressed unfounded guess there are 
many enough. I had some intuition based, I think, on connecting Shiva 
via yoga (and saam-khya) with aayurveda. Division of "yogasuutran_i" 
into 4 parts resembles division of some aayurvedic books. I think 
there is a chapter on "the nervous system of the Tantra" in 
Dasgupta's "History of Indian Philosophy", but the meaning of 
"tantra" in this context may be not very specific. I remember now 
Profesor Shukla from BHU said he was combining his research on 
medicine with work on Kashmir Shaivism,  (if I remember it 
right).Does anybody know more about his work? I know the notion of 
s~akti is present in "carakasam_hitaa" as well as "bhuuta" and "rasa" 
(so much stressed upon by Abhinavagupta). In 
"aayurvedadiipikaa"  (VI.3,177-185) there is  an opinion that 
s~akti is operating in unaccountable ways (which sounds 
similar to KS's phrases. Sus~ruta describes saam-khya 
theory first and then says that according to medical science the 
causes of things are svabhaava, iis~vara, kaala, yaddr_cchaa, niyati
svabhaava, iisvara, kaala, yaddr_cchaa, niyati and parin_aama. Some 
of the categories resemble prima facie those of KS. Can anybody 
comment on their meanings?   {I also heard of "kaas~miirapaat_hu" in 
Caraka but it's rather unpleasent. Still - some trace of medical 
ideas in Kashmir} Could somebody add anything?
                                            Lesl~aw Borowski
Just in case anybody got interested in my way of writing Sanskrit 
words: those long vowels which have a diacritic mark attached to them 
in the international transcription are rendered by doubling  single 
vowels (it's very convenient - the same finger twice); upper 
diacritic marks - upper stroke (except for n~, almost like Spanish, 
and s~, almost like Polish); lower diacritic mark - lower stroke.
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