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          Global Tour to Publish Tirukkural

Tirukkural is the only rallying point for Tamil people as it espouses
all that is noble in life. Mr. Alagappa Rammohan, Director of International
Tamil language foundation is on a global tour to promote the
publication of Tirukkural. The outcome will be of a very fine quality
and will be aesthetically appealing. This tour is financed with his
own funds.

An intense effort is ongoing to publish Tirukkural (a very ancient classic
of morals) with a modern, contemporary English translation on one side
and the Tamil original on the adjascent page. The Tamil original will be given
with individual words as separate units along with proper punctuation marks 
following Murray S. Rajam's editions of the classic Sangam poetry. (In old 
editions, the words are joined together following complex grammatical rules 
- 'sandhi') No modern translation of the beloved Tirukkural in a pocket-sized 
format and with no compromise on publishing standards is available today 
in the market. This high-quality outcome will be something like the 
Buddhist works issued by Shambala Publications.

Mr. Al. Rammohan is undertaking the tour to meet with all the lovers
of Tamil to explain this novel idea. The publishing of Tirukkural
in such a desired form needs $ 100,000. Already, $ 30,000 has been realized
for this project. Donors are still needed to make this dream a reality.
If anyone is interested in knowing about this project, wanting to 
donate, or offering any kind of help is most welcome. If one donates $ 1000
or more, his/her name will be published in the book. If one donates $15,
a copy of the book will be sent. 

Please spread this message through e-mail, letter or word of mouth,
to anybody whom you judge will be interested. We need especially people
from South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Reunion and Indonesia 
to contact. Mr. Rammohan's address and itenary is attached. While he is on 
travel, if anybody gives a message or address/phone, I will pass on the
information to him.

Many Thanks,
N. Ganesan
nas_ng at

1210 Camino Village Drive
Houston, TX 77058
713-280-2511 (o)
713-480-4141 (h)

Itenary of Al. Rammohan

  until Jan. 15, 1996, in Chicago

      8417, Autumn Drive 
      Woodridge, IL 60517
      Phone 708-985-3141

  17-19th of Jan. 1996
      in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Singapore

  20th of Jan. 1996
      in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  22-23rd of Jan. 1996
      in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  24/jan. to 1/feb. 1996
      in Madras, India

  2nd Feb. 1996
      in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  3-9 of Feb. 1996
      in Mauritius

  10-15 of Feb. 1996
      in Johannesburg, South Africa

  16-19 of Feb. 1996
      in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

  19-21 of Feb. 1996
      in Johannesburg, South Africa

   22nd of Feb. 1996
      in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  23/feb. 1996 back to Chicago.



     (A tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable
      foundation registered in USA).

      8417, Autumn Drive 
      Woodridge, IL 60517
      Phone/Fax 708-985-3141

 This foundation has been heavily involved in doing five worthy
projects for the cause of Tamil. With your help, they all can be
accomplished. "ENRICH THROUGH TAMIL" is the motto of the Foundation.
Tamil gets enriched by beginning the thought process to enrich 
ourselves through it and giving Tamil a place in our daily thinking.
This foundation belongs to the entire Tamil diaspora living in 75
countries of the globe. It does not belong to any particular religion,
caste or political group. 


  This is the fundamental project whose success will be utilized to
finance the other projects of the foundation (like adding to the
audiovisual teaching aids to propagate science in Tamil). The great 
treasure, Kural is very concise and precise and defines a way of life
for Tamils. This great work will be brought out in an elegant format
like the Bible. It will contain the original text and Dr. Mu. Va.'s
commentary in Tamil script. In addition, a free verse translation in English 
will be provided by Dr. R. Kabalisvaran of New York. The printing will be
done at National Bible Press, Philadelphia. The work on a compact disk 
called "Tirukkural Icai Malar" containing songs on and about Kural is in 
progress.The vocal artistes will be Mr. S. P. Balasubramaniam and Ms. Chitra.
A handbook on Tamil culture is also planned. The total cost of the project
is $ 100,000. The names of patrons donating $1000 or more will be included
in the book. The book will be sold at $15 and the resulting revenues will
be used to fund the remaining other projects of the foundation. 


  Explanatory programs on subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
have been produced in videotapes by Annenberg Foundation, USA.
These programs give  students of Schools/Colleges a very good understanding
of the subjects involved. As a first step, a series called " Mechanical
Universe and Beyond"  will be presented with Tamil translation. Permission
to use the twenty six tapes has been obtained from California Institute
of Technology. The screening will be done in Schools in Tamil Nadu and 
Malaysia. Eminent persons like Mr. Datto Samivelu, Malaysia's minister
and institutions like Madras Science Foundation have come forward to 
implement the project successfully. Dr. K. Gopalan, Professor of Electrical
Engineering, Purdue University will be the Project Director. Dr. K. P. Aravanan
of Pondichery university will be the Indian co-ordinator. Pondichery university
has agreed to co-sponsor the project.


  The aim of this project is two-fold. The first is to publish books,
practice manuals with notation and audio aids to teach Tamil music.
The appreciation of Tamil classical music (Carnatic music) will be 
enhanced by understanding the basics that form the cornerstone of 
Tamil classical/ Carnatic music. Also, the Tirukkural Icai Malar by 
S.P.Balasubramaniam-Chitra duo will form a part of the project. 
Dr. Xavier Roche will be the Project director. Dr. Tamilappan will
be the Indian co-ordinator. Prof. V. P. K. Sundaram, an eminent musicologist, 
will be authoring books with detailed analysis of the roots of ancient Tamil 
music and relations between "Pann" systems and Carnatic music.


  This project concentrates on opening a library/reading room in every town of 
Tamil Nadu. The local temple/mosque/church will be used as the premises for the
library. A start has been made by opening a Valluvar learning center
at the Vinayagar temple of Kanadu Kathan with 600 books and a subscription
for 30 magazines. Alagappa Rammohan, Director of the Foundation donated 
Rs. 30,000 for the startup costs. 

   For the last few centuries, several European scholars have written
on different facets of life in the Tamil region. In fact, printing
started in Tamil, a first among all Indian languages. Tamil Sangam poetry
is the only ancient Indian literature not derived directly from 
Sanskrit tradition. A bibliography containing the Tamil cultural 
achievements giving details about articles and monographs in Tamil
and all other World's leading languages is under preparation. This
will contain information about 25000 articles/books subdivided under
different subject headings. A person interested in knowing or delving 
deep into a particular aspect of either past or contemporary Tamil
society will find this work to be of immense help. Dr. N. Ganesan
will be the project director.

For more information or if willing to help in any way,
please contact:

      International Tamil Language Foundation
      8417, Autumn Drive 
      Woodridge, IL 60517
      Phone 708-985-3141


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