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 Langue, style et structure dans le monde indien.

 Colloque international pour le centenaire 
    de la naissance de Louis Renou (1896-1966)

 du 25 au 27 janvier 1996
  Ecole Normale Supe'rieure
  48, bld Jourdan, 75014 Paris
  Salle Jourdan (Entre'e libre)

Comite' d'organisation:

  Nalini Balbir [Fax: (33) (1) 46 26 38 24 ]

  Jean-Luc Chevillard [E-mail: chevilla at
                          OR:  jlc at ]
  Georges-Jean Pinault

MARDI 25 JANVIER 1996 (9h-13h)*
Etudes ve'diques*

Prof. Tatjana Y. Elizarenkova (Academie des Sciences,
  Institut d'e'tudes orientales, Moscou)
  Language and style of the R.gveda 
    in connection with the Soma problem.

Prof. Stephanie W. Jamison (Harvard University)
  _Vr.tra et Vr.thragna_ and _La structure du kaavya_:
   some intersections.

Prof. Georges-J. Pinault (Universite' Clermont-2, EPHE IVe sect.)
  La base radicale _sat-_ et la notion de loi 
   dans les hymnes ve'diques.

Prof. Asko Parpola (Universite' d'Helsinki)
  On the _Upagranthasuutra_ of the _Saamavada_.

Prof. Charles Malamoud (EPHE Ve sect.)
  Les noms de parente' chez les dieux ve'diques: 
      proble`me de vocabulaire.

Dr. Shyam Kishore Lal (CAS Poona, Univ. Paris 3)
  A propos of the critical edition (VSM) of the R.gveda.

JEUDI 25 JANVIER 1996 (14H30--18H45)*
Tradition grammaticale indienne*

Prof. Madhav M. Deshpande (Ann Arbor University)
  The Vedic traditions 
     and the origins of grammatical analysis.

Prof. Kamaleshwar Bhattacharya (CNRS, URA 1058)
  Sur la base grammaticale de la pense'e indienne.

Prof. Saroja Bhate, (Poona University)
  Interpretation of science: indian grammatical approach.

Prof. Johannes Bronkhorst (Universite' de Lausanne) and grammar:
    on the meaning of _anuvyaakhyaana_

Prof. Pierre-Sylvain Filiozat (EPHE IVe sect.)
  La conception de l'image divine 
      dans le Mahaabhaas.ya de Patanjali.

Prof. M. David Seyfort Ruegg (SOAS, London)
  On the Indo-Tibetan grammatical
       and lexicographical traditions.

Dr. Jean-Luc Chevillard (CNRS - Univ. Paris 7, URA 381)
  Liens de la tradition grammaticale tamoule
    avec la tradition d'expression indo-aryenne.

VENDREDI 26 JANVIER 1996 (9H30-12H45)*
Morphologie et lexicographie*

Prof. Nalini Balbir (Universite' Paris3, 
             Institut Universitaire de France)
  Survivances et remodelages dans la morphologie moyen-indienne.

Prof. Peter Schreiner (Universite' de Zurich)
  On creating, formatting and working
    with a first electronic Sanskrit dictionary.

Prof. Minoru Hara (Universite' de Tokyo)
  Sanskrit _aanr.n.ya_

Dr. Jean Fezas (CNRS, URA 1058)
  _S'us'ruus.aa_: obe'issance, devoir conjugal
     ou raison du beau-pe`re ?

Prof. Bruno Dagens (Universite' Paris 3)
  Le temple corps du dieu.

VENDREDI 26 JANVIER 1996 (14H30-16H30)*
Morphologie et lexicographie (suite)*

Dr Edith Nolot (Pali Text Society)
  Proble`mes de lexicographie des textes de Vinaya.

Dr Petra Kieffer-Pu"lz (Go"ttingen)
  The meaning of _maalaka_ / _maal.a(ka) in Pali.

Prof. Colette Caillat (Universite' Paris 3,
        Acade'mie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres)
  Variantes et transmission du canon jaina.

SAMEDI 27 JANVIER 1996 (9H30-13H)*
Poe'sie et formes des textes*

Prof. Marie-Claude Porcher (Universite' Paris 3)
  Figures et discours e'pique.

Sylvain Brocquet (URA 1058, Paris)
  Strate'gie du jeu de mot dans le kaavya
     des pane'gyriques e'pigraphiques.

Dr Philippe Benoi^t (Univ. Paris 3)
   Les saisons dans le Raamaayan.a et le kaavya.

Prof. Giuliano Boccali (Univ. Venise)
   Les images de la saison des pluies
       dans les poe`mes d'As'vaghos.a.

Prof. Siegfried Lienhard (Univ. Stockholm)
   Lucky numbers in ancient Indian literature.



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Subject: bliss of translation

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year 1996.
Hans-Georg Turstig

IN A TOKYO HOTEL:  Is forbidden to steal hotel towels please.  If you  are not
person to do such thing is please not to read notis.

IN ANOTHER JAPANESE HOTEL ROOM:  Please to bathe inside the  tub.

IN A ZURICH HOTEL:  Because of the impropriety of entertaining  guests of the
opposite sex in the bedroom, it is suggested that the  lobby be used for this

IN A BANGKOK DRY CLEANERS:  Drop your trousers here for best  results.

IN A BUCHAREST HOTEL LOBBY:  The lift is being fixed for the next  day.  During
that time we regret that you will be unbearable.

A SIGN POSTED IN THE BLACK FOREST:  It is strictly forbidden on  our black
forest camping site that people of different sex, for  instance, men and women,
live together in one tent unless they  are married with each other for that

IN A HOTEL IN ATHENS:  Visitors are expected to complain at the  office between
the hours of 9 and 11 A.M. daily.

ADVERTISEMENT FOR DONKEY RIDES IN THAILAND:  Would you like  to ride on your own

AT A BUDAPEST ZOO:  Please do not feed the animals.  If you have  any suitable
food, please give it to the guard on duty.

ON THE BOX OF A CLOCKWORK TOY MADE IN HONG KONG:   Guaranteed to work throughout
its useful life.

IN A BANGKOK TEMPLE:  It is forbidden to enter a woman even a  foreigner if
dressed as a man.

IN A TOKYO BAR:  Special cocktails for the ladies with nuts.

IN A JAPANESE HOTEL:  You are invited to take advantage of the  chambermaid.

IN A RHODES TAILOR SHOP:  Order your summers suit.  Because is  big rush we will
execute customers in strict rotation.

IN A PARIS HOTEL ELEVATOR:  Please leave your values at the  front desk.

IN A BELGRADE HOTEL ELEVATOR:  To move the cabin, push button  for wishing
floor.  If the cabin should enter more persons, each one  should press a number
of wishing floor.  Driving is then going  alphabetically by national order.

MONASTERY:  You are welcome to visit the  cemetery where famous Russian and
Soviet composers, artists and  writers are buried daily except Thursday.

ON THE MENU OF A POLISH HOTEL:  Salad a firm's own make;  limpid red beet soup
with cheesy dumplings in the form of a finger;  roasted duck let loose; beef
rashers beaten up in the country  people's fashion.

IN AN AUSTRIAN HOTEL CATERING TO SKIERS:  Not to perambulate  the corridors in
the hours of repose in the boots of ascension.

IN A YUGOSLAVIAN HOTEL:  The flattening of underwear with  pleasure is the job
of the chambermaid.

IN A HONG KONG SUPERMARKET:  For your convenience, we  recommend courageous,
efficient self-service.

IN A CZECHOSLOVAKIAN TOURIST AGENCY:  Take one of our horse- driven city tours -
we guarantee no miscarriages.

DETOUR SIGN IN KYUSHI, JAPAN:  Stop - Drive Sideways.

IN A NORWEGIAN COCKTAIL LOUNGE:  Ladies are requested not to  have children in
the bar.

IN THE WINDOW OF A SWEDISH FURRIER:  Fur coats made for ladies  from their own

Cooles and Heates - If you want just condition of  warm in your room, please
control yourself.

IN A TOKYO SHOP:  Our nylons cost more than common, but you'll  find they are
best in the long run.

IN A VIENNA HOTEL:  In case of fire, do your utmost to alarm the  hotel porter.



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