Conversions and religious conflicts

David Lorenzen S. lorenzen at
Thu Dec 14 20:05:08 UTC 1995

	Among the lesser known articles on the topics of conversions to
Islam and Hindu/Hindu/Jain/Buddhist conflicts, some members of the list
might take a look at three that I once had something to do with:
	1. My "Warrior Ascetics in Indian History" (Jour. Am. Or. Soc., 
98,1 [1978]:61-75).
	2. N. Levtzion's "Conversion under Muslim domination" in my (ed.),
Religious Change and Cultural Domination, pp. 19-38 (Mexico, 1981).
	3. S.A.A. Rizvi's "Islamization in the Indian subcontinent" in 
the previous, pp. 39-60.

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