Michael Ian Doliveck miked at bgnet.bgsu.edu
Fri Dec 8 03:20:02 UTC 1995

hello,  i've been reading the posts on this list for a couple months and
find them interesting and intelligent.  i know this is a completely
different topic but i feel it important to share with as many people as
i can, the information concerning the current situation in Tibet.  there is
a holocaust occurring there and most people are completely unaware.  i
receive information from 5 or 6 sources
relaying current happenings in Tibet.  i condense them and send them to
a mailing list.  i would like to invite the members of this list to
send me their e mail address to be added to the list (as well as any
others you think might be interested).  sorry to get off the topic.
thank you for your time-
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