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Thu Dec 7 10:48:54 UTC 1995

Dear Indologists,
As this is not the forum to discuss what is meant by the word 'fascist' or
'fascism' let me say a few words at the end.Of course could one's oppinion
be insulting or offending to someone else.But it should be normal to be
able to say what the oppinion is and it should be also normal to discuss in
a way which makes it possible to discuss as someone who knows of his own
errors.And all members of a discussion should visualize in his own country
what there takes place and could be mentioned in the discussion by part.It
was mainly not what I said,it was the way I did which made some of you
insulted and that is not the words I choosed but it is political
correctness I offended against.But in my point of view a real discussion
even if its getting a bit harsh only can take place if political
correctness is not something standing in the way.And last but not least is
it more insulting to talk to someone but without adressing him.That someone
has done with me and I think that's somekind of kidding.
To come to an end I would appreciate that if someone,whether it is man or
woman should citate the whole of which he or she citates and not letting
out words which changes the meaning of what was said.

Yours sincerely
Ulrich Windisch

O tempora,o mores!


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