Indian History & Sangh Parivar (Was: Medieval India)

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On 2. Dec Yvette Rosser wrote:


>                                                        Like it or not, Hindutva
> and the Sangh Parivar is a popular mass movement and their views will
> demand agency   (...)   Ignoring it will only cause it to grow more
> aggressive.  Something has to give.  I don't think it will be the voters.
> BJP has 21% of the Lok Sabha seats.  21%!  In a county with more than two
> parties, this is a mandate!  We can no longer simply blast the Sangh
> Parivar, denigrating them to fascists, while lamenting the end of Indic
> civilization.  


Are they NOT fascists? Lets call a spade a spade! Surely Ms. Rosser 
has enough experience of the indian political scene to know just what 
rogues are at work, pretending to uphold hindu traditions.

Both J.B.Sharma and Yvette Rosser really try to be objective about 
the situation, but the slips they make show how very difficult it 
must be. J. B. Sharma refers to the "indian slaves on the slave markets of 
Baghdad". But what about the indian slaves on the slave markets of 
India! Was not taking slaves a regular practice among warring nations 
at that time, also WITHIN India? 

Suggestion: we need to distinguish between the disastrous 
consequences for India if the people behind the RSS, Hindutva etc 
with their fascist rhetoric gain power, and the reasons why people 
accept and believe such rhetoric and vote for them. The argument that 
21% of the vote commands respect is no more valid in India than it 
was in pre-Nazi Germany. 


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