Indian History & Sangh Parivar (Was: Medieval India)

J.B. Sharma JSHARMA at Hermes.GC.PeachNet.EDU
Sat Dec 2 17:55:21 UTC 1995

Mark Tritsch Wrote :
>Both J.B. Sharma and Yvette Rosser really try to be objective about
>the situation, but the slips they make show how very difficult it
>must be.

 I did not get the entire message and so I paraphrase his referral to 
slave markets in India being full of Indian slaves due to intercene 
warfare; This being the reason for the "slips".
 There is no tradition of slavery among the Hindus and there were no 
slave markets in pre-Islamic India. There are no elaborate 
prescriptions for taking slaves, codes of behavior of master and 
slave, fraction of booty to be sent to the Caliph etc. 

 I am not a member of Indian polity, though am a very interested 
observer. If BJP are indeed facists, what does that make the 
Christain Democrats who have ruled most of western Europe after the 
2nd WW ?

 All fundamentalism is bad; My point is to say that there has been a 
severe imbalance in the debates on this topic on Indology. Hindu's do 
not have scriptural exhortation to kill non-Hindus. Children in 
Madrasas all over the sub-continent are still taught that living 
under the rule of Kafirs is Haram. Sensible Muslim intellectuals like 
Hamid Dalwai have written that Muslims in India should give up the 
concept of India being Dar-ul-Harb (land of the enemy) and not look to 
west-asia for culture (where they are held in disdain). These voices 
of reason are drowned out by the mullahs for whom the medevial 
injuntions are unchangeable.

 I have never seen a criticism of the violent Muslim fundamentalism 
on the sub-continent on this forum. Since partition, Pakistan had a 
greater than 20% minority (Hindus, Sikhs, Christians). Today it is 
about 0.5%. Such cahnges have occured in Bangladesh and Kashmir as 
well. Once more all of this eludes the keepers of goodness like water 
off of a duck ! 

 I do hope thatthe ideal of fairness in free speech will prevail, 
and discussions of fundamentalism on the sub-continent will be of all 
the parties involved. Personally, I dont care if the BJP or the 
Conress wins; I do care for there to be a free and fair process where 
the people can decide for themselves.

J.B. Sharma


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