Special Font Offer from Scanrom

Frances Pritchett fp7 at columbia.edu
Sat Apr 29 12:20:54 UTC 1995

On Sat, 29 Apr 1995, Sid Harth wrote:

> On 28-APR-1995 22:36:10.1 fp7 said to BAKULA
>    > Dear Sid,
>    > Would you be willing to elaborate a bit, for the benefit of the world
>    >at large?  I'd LOVE to hear more about these fabulous fonts, and will
>    >then be able to make the info available to others.
>    > Yours with admiration for your gallant experiment,
>    > Fran Pritchett
>      If Domonic agrees. By the way, remember S. Kalyanraman our favorite
> South Asian Languages pundit/guru/word fanatic? Well, he was an advisor of
> this project of roughly ten years duration with pucca research.
> Sid Harth

Dear Sid,

I imagine lots of people would be interested--after all, fonts 
are a common topic of inquiry and discussion on INDOLOGY.

In any case, if you at least send comments to me, I'll incorporate them 
into the Fonts list that we maintain as part of the ILM (Inventory of 
Language Materials) project, on the South Asia Gopher.

Let me take this opportunity to remind everybody that we also maintain 
annotated lists of in-print language teaching materials for a number of 
South Asian languages, a list of available language study programs, etc.  
I can send any of these to anyone as an email message on request, or can 
send info about how to reach this material on the Gopher.

So Sid, your comments will be a great help for those--including me--who 
are eager to hear more about these new fonts. 

Wishing everybody a good summer,
Fran Pritchett

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