Special Font Offer from Scanrom

Sid Harth BAKULA at delphi.com
Sat Apr 29 03:01:14 UTC 1995

On 28-APR-1995 22:36:10.1 fp7 said to BAKULA
   > Dear Sid,
   > Would you be willing to elaborate a bit, for the benefit of the world
   >at large?  I'd LOVE to hear more about these fabulous fonts, and will
   >then be able to make the info available to others.
   > Yours with admiration for your gallant experiment,
   > Fran Pritchett

     If Domonic agrees. By the way, remember S. Kalyanraman our favorite
South Asian Languages pundit/guru/word fanatic? Well, he was an advisor of
this project of roughly ten years duration with pucca research.

Sid Harth


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