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Alec McAllister ECL6TAM at
Fri Apr 21 09:48:06 UTC 1995

>Does anyone know if there are fonts avaliable in Devanagari, Bengali, 
>Panjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Khmer and so on for Word for Windows?
>maeviaro at

There is a freeware TrueType font for Tamil. It is called Palladam 
and is available from CICA and mirror-sites, as well as other 
archives. To find the nearest one to you, do an Archie search using 
"palla" as the search-word.

There used to be a very nice Devanagari font on the WWW Nepali 
homepage, but I pointed out that it was copyright (which the keeper 
of the page did not know) and he promptly and correctly withdrew it.

He is making efforts to provide a replacement, so it is worth 
checking that page from time to time.

My Hindu and Bengali colleagues keep harrassing me to produce 
shareware Devanagari fonts, but I can't persuade my boss to let me 
schedule the time. Can anyone lend me a gun?  :-)



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