Begining of Life----When? (fwd)

Dominik Wujastyk dom at
Thu Apr 20 09:32:19 UTC 1995

The question of abortion is very important indeed, but it is not per se
an indological topic.

If you wish to bring Indian texts, or other Indian historical sources to
bear on this topic, showing some relevance of indological studies to the
question (and there are some), then that would be a suitable topic for
this forum.  Otherwise, please carry on the discussion privately, not on

Thank you.

Sadhunathan Nadesan said:
> ... [anti-abortion opinion]
> This is Saiva Siddhanta.
> aum aum

Please document such a claim with references to indological texts,
inscriptions, paintings, or other recognized historical sources.  As it
stands it is a personal statement which is offensive to many people.
Lacking any scholarly background, it is an unsuitable posting for


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