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| Dear List searvers
| I would like some of your inputs and arguments on beginign of life.  When 
| does the life begin?  What do you think about abortion? Untill what time 
| abortion does not kill a live person? 
| Any related responses welcom!
| Thank you for your time and thoughts,
| please send answers to me personally, since I am not on the list
| Jay
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Namaste Jay

* All the universe is imbued with life, God is everywhere, in and
through everything, and is the life of our life.

* God has created our souls, and is constantly doing so.  Some
are new souls, others very old, but each soul has eternal life,
and does not have to earn it.  All are God's children, all are
destined to know God.  Our life began with God's creation of us,
perhaps millions of years ago.

* A soul reincarnates countless times in one human form after
another, until all lessons of this planet have been learned, and
the goal of moksha attained.

* One of those lessons is the unversal law of karma, that as
we act, so do we create the experiences that come to us.  Therefore,
love others, and be kind, and accept our burdens cheerfully, for
they are the stuff of our own evolution.

* As soon as it is conceived, with the first few cells a new
human feutus is destined to be the container for a reincarnating
soul.  The soul's karma has dictated that it must be reborn at
this time and place, to manifest the experiences it needs to
continue its growth.  Therefore, it is wrong under any circumstances
to abort this feutus, for it is also the mother's karma to bear
the child, which could be postponed (with ensuing difficulties)
but never avoided. 

* There is one exception: to save the life of the mother, the
feutus may be aborted, after every effort has been made to save
the life of both.

* Those who participate in abortion are themselves destined to
be aborted.

This is Saiva Siddhanta.

aum aum
sadhunathan nadesan


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