Hanuman Jayanti

Douglas R. Brooks dbrk at troi.cc.rochester.edu
Sun Apr 16 00:47:11 UTC 1995

Today is Hanuman Jayanti, or so I have
been told.
My question (why don't I know this?) is:
why are the gods birthdays sometimes called
jayanti-s, other times navaami-s (like Rama's
last week)?
There must be some simple explanation that gets
to the heart of the matter, other than
the "day" of the lunar month answer...

Also, does anyone know why there are _two_
Navaratri-s?  And why they are on the calender
where they are?

Thanks, to all, in advance.

If someone should like to reply to me
personally rather than to the list, please
feel free.  

Douglas R. Brooks
University of Rochester

dbrk at troi.cc.rochester.edu

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