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Thu Oct 27 22:36:37 UTC 1994

Friends on this list who work on the dharmasastras:
        Manusmrti 12.72 predicts that a vaisya who slips from dharma will
be reborn as a maitraaks.ajyotika, which at least one commentator renders
as a being who has an eye in his anus. [What is more, he will be puuyabhuk,
a pus-eater, although how he gets the pus into his mouth when his eye is
around behind is difficult to imagine, or perhaps one doesn't wish to
        The question is this - are there other Sanskrit or Indic sources
that refer to a creature with this unusual ocular endowment ?  In medieval
european sources there is reference to Satan being so endowed, and so I
wonder how well-attested the notion is in ancient India.
C. Minkowski, Cornell


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