Yoga Sutra verse differences

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Fri Oct 28 00:05:40 UTC 1994

I have noticed a discrepancy between versions of the
Yoga Sutras in chapter 1, verse 35.  The last word
of the verse in some versions is 'sthitinibandhanii' and
and in others it is 'sthitinibandhinii'.

'nibandhanii' appears to the nominative singular of a
feminine noun meaning 'bond'.  'nibandhinii' seems to be
the nominative singular, feminine form of the adjective
'nibandhin' meaning 'producing'.  The entire verse is
"vi.sayavatii vaa prav.rttirutpannaa manasa.h sthitinibandh[a|i]nii."

I am a beginning student of Sanskrit and there are many things
about the grammar of this verse that confuses me.  In some ways
'nibandhinii' seems to fit making the last part of the verse
"producing steadiness of mind" but then I wonder if the adjective
of 'sthiti' would appear at the end of the compound and if
the compound would be in the nominative.  The alternative
with 'nibandhanii' seems to be "the bond of steadiness of mind."
Perhaps this could be an equivalence with the first part of the
verse meaning "<first part> is the bond of steadiness of mind"
which would explain the nominative case.

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on which version is
accurate, and any comments on the whole verse.  Thank you
very much.


Gary R. Thrapp
thrapp at

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