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The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is pleased to announce the publication of the
following Discussion Article:
Title: Vinaya in Theravaada Temples in the United States
Author: Paul David Numrich
Publication Date: October 24th 1994
 //Vinaya// (the monastic discipline) plays an essential role in
defining traditional Theravaada Buddhism. This article examines the
current state of //vinaya// recitation and practice in the nearly 150
immigrant Theravaada Buddhist temples in the United States, and also
speculates on the prospect of traditional Theravaada's firm
establishment in this country. Specific //vinaya// issues discussed
include the //paatimokkha// ceremony, the discussion about //vinaya//
adaptation to the American context, adaptations in the areas of
monastic attire and relations with women, and principles of adaptation
at work in Theravaada temples in the United States.
Paul David Numrich teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His
E-mail address is: U25818 at UICVM.UIC.EDU
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