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Journal of Buddhist Ethics Publication News
The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is pleased to announce the
publication of the following Research Paper.
Author: James Whitehill
Publication Date: October 7th 1994
Contemporary Buddhism increasingly seeks to make itself understood
in modern terms and to respond to contemporary conditions.
Buddhism's legitimation in the West can be partially met by
demonstrating that Buddhist morality is a virtue-oriented,
character-based, community-focused ethic, commensurate with the
Western "ethics of virtue" tradition, an interpretation of ethics
most recently associated with thinkers like Alasdair MacIntyre and
Stanley Hauerwas. By keeping its roots in a character formed as
"awakened virtue" and a community guided by an integrative
soteriology of wisdom and morality, Western Buddhism can avoid the
twin temptations of rootless liberation in an empty "emptiness," on
the one hand, and universalistic power politics, on the other. On
this basis some predictions are made as to preferable future
directions and limits for Buddhism in a post-modern world.
James Whitehill teaches at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri,
USA. His E-mail address is:
          whitehill at
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