New books on Tamil culture

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         New Books on Tamil Culture

These are some recent books pertaining to Tamil culture.
Interesting contributions in different fields. I thought
I will this with you all.

N. Ganesan
nas_ng at

1) K. Sadasivan, Devadasi system in medieval Tamil Nadu,
Trivandrum, 1993

2) A souvneir released on the occasion of the exhibition 
on South Indian bronzes.
Government museum: Madras, 1992

3) P. Thirugnanasambandhan, Sanskrit Tamil contact,
Tiruvananthapuram, 1992

4) Hugald Grafe, Tamilnadu in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries,
Bangalore, 1990

5) Marina Muilwijk, The divine Kura tribe: Kuravanci and other
prabandhams. Rijkuniversiteit te Utrecht, 1992. 249 p. (PhD thesis)

6) K. Zvelebil, Lexicon of Tamil literature, E. J. Brill, 1994

7) Brenda Beck, Elder brothers story, an oral epic in Tamil
2 volumes, Institute of Asian studies, madras, 1992

8) Henriette Bugge, Mission and Tamil society: social and
religious change in South India, 1840-1900. 
London: Curzon press, 1994

9) Victor Michael, Tamil-Islamic cultural encounter in
Rome: Gregorian university, 1992


1) R. Kannan, vaTivazhakiya nampitaacar iyaRRiya
sri raamaanuja vaipavam, 1988

2) co. kalaiccelvi, uraiyaaciriyar puliyurk kEcikan mutalaaNTu
ninaivu malar, 1993, 102 p.

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