New books on Tamil culture

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> These are some recent books pertaining to Tamil culture.
> Interesting contributions in different fields. I thought

To these I should add the following fascinating book:

"The Vernacular Veda", by Vasudha Narayanan. University of
South Carolina Press, 1994. 

The author discusses how the Tiruvaymoli, a poem of over a
thousand verses by the 7th-8th century saint Nammalvar, 
attained the status of Veda (in the true sense) in the 
Srivaishnava community.  She also discusses some of the 
sociocultural implications of this, and how the work is
used in liturgy and ceremony in the major temples of South



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Subject: NIDHIS

          Re:  Nidhi 
          I remember reading in magical literature of the notion navanidhi, 
          the 9 nidhis, and a ritual to get rich by finding them, but can't 
          recall where I  saw it.   I  have  a vague feeling it might be  a 
          Jaina idea. 
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